Black And In China

Having lived overseas and being integrated  into my school in Belgium as a child, I would say I am a veteran at confronting race issues abroad. Despite these experiences, nothing could prepare me for China. Bare in mind that China is a closed state and as such, they don’t get many outside visitors. Don’t get […]

Fedorah Philippeaux

The Hill of Crosses | Lithuania

Two times in my life I’ve lost all of my photography and writings.  Twice, I’ve had to rummage through my belongings and choose what I can keep so that the rest can be thrown away.  I’ve lived a life of stopping short and starting myself all over—learning in the process endurance and resilience. Though I […]

Travel Noire

Exploring Rome in the Kitchen

One of my favorite things to do when I’m abroad is to experience culture through food. This usually means researching online to find the most popular restaurants in the city, along with asking locals for the best places to dine off the beaten path. When I recently visited Italy, a friend suggested we check out […]

Christen McCluney

Lessons from the Road

It’s not everyday that you meet a man with a camel…let alone a Gary Dourdan (circa “That’s the Way Love Goes”) look-a-like whose camels are named Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. But, in a tucked away passage of a sloping Moroccan medina, I met such a man. Younes the Berber enlightened me with a few […]

Travel Noire

The Gem of the Midwest

Columbus is the hidden gem of the Midwest. Whenever I am away from home and have to introduce myself, explaining where I’m from, I am often met with a blank stare as if to ask “where is that?” Better yet, “no way you’re from Columbus” or my favorite, “you have too much style to be […]

Travel Noire

French Travel Apps

Flying across the Atlantic Ocean on my own at 17 was not something I had ever imagined I would do. Coming from an English-speaking country in Central America, I had no foundation in French other than the few words I would pick up from French songs and some words that sounded similar to Spanish. Knowing […]

Travel Noire