Zanzibar Receives Africa's First EDE Scanners For Noninvasive COVID Testing
Photo Credit: Majkl Velner

Photo Credit: Majkl Velner

Zanzibar Receives Africa's First EDE Scanners For Noninvasive COVID Testing

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Mar 1, 2022

The East African island of Zanzibar recently received EDE scanners from Abu Dhabi to be used at the Abeid Amani Kurume International Airport, according to African Business. The convenient, noninvasive scanners will allow travelers to undergo COVID-19 testing without having to experience the discomfort or intrusiveness of typical nasal or saliva tests.

The EDE scanners work using a modern technology that is able to detect a possible COVID-19 infection by measuring electromagnetic waves. These waves are altered by the presence of the the virus’ RNA particles. The scanner is able to produce results instantly, allowing for mass scanning and saving a great deal of time.

The scanners are part of a tech initiative that also includes a billion-dollar, state-of-the-art laboratory and research project. Being the first in Africa to receive the scanners, Zanzibar hopes to lead the way for others to follow suit in the implementation of innovative precautionary methods of combating COVID and keeping people safe.

“The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on individuals, communities, and industries, in particular the travel industry,” said the island’s president, Hussein Mwinyi at the reception of the scanners. “For this reason, we are pleased to collaborate with Sanimed, a subsidiary of IHC Group to launch these innovative EDE scanners in Zanzibar, to introduce greater efficiency for travelers coming through Zanzibar as a port of entry.”

“Africa continues to be a hotbed of innovation and technology,” said Ajhay Bhatia, CEO of Sanimed International. “We are pleased to roll out these first of a kind EDE scanner to revolutionize COVID-19 testing in collaboration with the Government of Zanzibar.”

The new lab and testing facilities will establish a common protocol for travelers between Zanzibar and the United Arab Emirates, paving the way for other tourist destinations to do the same.

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