Why All Young Families Should Consider Moving Abroad
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why All Young Families Should Consider Moving Abroad

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Mar 18, 2019

Moving your family abroad may seem like a daunting task.  And it’s easy to talk yourself out of it when you only focus on your fears.  However, for all the concerns you may have, they are outweighed by the more important reasons why you should pack your bags and go.

Truly Experience Another Country & Culture

It’s one thing to go on vacation for a few days and enjoy the luxuries of a resort or hotel. It’s a totally different experience when you settle in a new country, making a home among the locals, taking your child to a new school each day, shopping at the local market, and completely immersing yourself in the culture of a new place. It’s essential for our children and us to know that there are many ways to live life that the “American way” is not the only way. Exposure to new cultures provides our children with more options than we could give them if they never left home.

Your Children Will Never Be the Same

I mean this in the best way possible exposing your child to new cultures and ways of life is an invaluable experience and one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Not only will they learn a new language that will follow them for the rest of their lives, but they will grow into adaptable, independent human beings who will learn to navigate the world with confidence and feel at home anywhere on the globe. They will have a deeper appreciation and curiosity for new people and cultures, a different mindset than the children back home, and a passion for travel that will last a lifetime.

Build Deeper Relationships

Traveling forces us to be present. Whether it’s trying desperately to communicate in another language or watching a sunset for the first time in a new place, we are constantly forced to be fully engaged in what’s happening in the present moment. As a result, we slow down the pace, we take time for conversations with friends and family, we laugh more, and we don’t take for granted the experiences and the people in front of us. When we are away from our hurried routines, there is more time for self-reflection and for building stronger relationships with our families.

It Changes You

No matter where you go, you will come back a different person. The lessons you learn while traveling will stay with you forever. The impact of living in a new culture will carry it’s way into your everyday life, whether you stay there forever or return to the place you used to call home. 

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