9 Celebrity Destinations You Can Visit on a Budget
Photo Credit: Trinidad & Tobago | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Trinidad & Tobago | Getty Images

9 Celebrity Destinations You Can Visit on a Budget

Rachel George
Rachel George Nov 15, 2018

Social media has done a great job keeping fans connected to their favorite celebrities. It’s not enough to watch them splurge on expensive clothes and extravagant, luxury vacations. We want to be there.  Live like a celebrity at one of these affordable vacation destinations.


The Hamptons

There’s more here than just all-white parties and expensive housing. Every celeb you can think of has visited the Hamptons at least twice. It has an affordable, modernized hotel close to the beach and full of amenities such as a 50 ft. heated pool. I hear you can rent Diddy’s estate. But that’s only if you’re big balling.



Stay in a high-end French castle for $77/night. If you’re going for a luxury local experience stay in a vacation rental home, that’s almost unbelievable


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Paris | Getty Images


A go-to spot, mainly for Miami’s beautiful beaches, ambiance, and its nightlife. The likes of Jaime Foxx, Beyonce and Jay Z and more have indulged in Miami’s art district.


Trinidad & Tobago

Voted #2 for Best Affordable Caribbean Destinations and a popular destination for carnival festival. Olympian Usain Bolt and talk show host Trevor Noah visited (attended) last year’s Carnival there. There are a variety of beaches and food options from African to Italian, for a home feel. Flights are as cheap as $220.  



Portugal is one of the cheapest European countries to travel too. The winter is the best time for surfers to catch the waves and enjoying Portugal’s mouth-watering food.


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Portugal | Getty Images



I guess our President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey loved vacationing there so much they bought homes right on the island. Chose wisely amongst 100 beaches and you might see your celebrity crush.



A perfect reason to shop for cute ski gear and hit the slopes. Colorado is beautiful especially around this cold time of year. 


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Aspen skyline | Unsplash


Las Vegas

What happens here, stays here in Sin City. It’s the premiere party city full of food, entertainment and tons of lights. 



Wyoming has become a new hot spot since Kanye West held his album listening party here earlier this year in the middle of nowhere. It’s the perfect place for relaxation and inspiration

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