Would You Turn Down $10,000 To Reschedule Your Flight? This JetBlue Passenger Did
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Would You Turn Down $10,000 To Reschedule Your Flight? This JetBlue Passenger Did

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Apr 18, 2022

Recently, a TikTok video went viral when JetBlue passengers were offered $10,000 to give up their seats to Cancun. 

At first, JetBlue only proposed a flight credit but didn’t disclose the value, and passengers were not willing to give up their seats. Finally, the airline offered $10,000 to whoever would give up their seat. Surely, you would think people would be battling for an offer of this magnitude, use the money to change flights, upgrade their seats, or treat themselves to other flight products, but to the staff’s amazement no one budged.

Photo by Joe Raedle

For 45 minutes, JetBlue offered $10,000 to passengers and no one wanted the offer. Eventually, the airline fixed the situation and was clear for takeoff to Cancun, which has recently become a go-to destination once again for young Americans. Cancun International Airport has already welcomed over seven million passengers in the first quarter, officially making the airport one of the busiest in the world.

The main reason the airline had this issue, was the need to transport some flight crew since the staff’s original flight was stuck in a snowstorm. As many Americans know, Spring is full of surprises, which is why many of us can’t wait to hit the best beaches to get out of the cold.

You could argue that it’s impossible not to take such an easy amount of credit for flights, but in this situation, would you? There are always two sides of the story, although it does seem that everyone really wanted to travel on that flight.

One could argue, it would be nearly impossible to reject a $10,000 flight credit. If you had been longing to get away for Spring Break, wouldn’t you accept the offer? Well, like everything else, it would depend on your perspective. 

Considering this took place during spring break, essentially the most popular unofficial holiday in the US that lasts for only a week and is usually about partying for young adults mainly in cities such as Cancun. You can imagine how passengers weren’t eager in giving up their post-covid spring vacation.

Considering JetBlue flights don’t offer many options outside North America, it’s not surprising customers didn’t jump out of their seats for the flight credit.

Since none of the passengers wanted to leave their seat for $10,000, one lucky volunteer managed to negotiate their deal to $15,000 in flight credits to give their seat to a crew member. After a long wait, JetBlue passengers were able to hit the skies and head to Cancun. 

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