Would You Look For Love While Traveling?
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Would You Look For Love While Traveling?

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Oct 24, 2018

With solo and business travel increasing, many travelers are turning to dating apps to find love or companionship while on the go. Imagine, you arrive in this foreign place, and while exploring, the finest human you have ever met crosses your path. The two of you lock eyes and it’s love at first sight.  While this is a very rare occurrence, a dating app while on your trip might be a bit more realistic.


Apps like Tinder and Bumble are increasing in popularity among travelers. Most people won’t admit that they fire up these apps more while on vacation, though. We at Travel Noire took a poll via Twitter last week to ask our followers: Do you use dating apps when you travel? Here’s what you all said:


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While the Travel Noire audience may not be into it, others are. Some people will begin their search before arriving at their destination. They will change the location settings on the app to pull in potential love connections. This way, they can begin the conversation and make the connection in advance. Once you arrive, you meet up and it can be like you’ve known each other forever.


Dating while traveling has become so popular, the term “vacationships” has become a thing. It is said to be a vacation romance that lasts as long as the vacation, but it’s not just a vacation “hookup.”


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People are traveling more, starting relationships on the road, and maintaining them via their tablets and smartphones. “Vacationships” have become viable in this highly digital, globalized world.


“Travel is more affordable and accessible and so people do it more,” says Ramani Durvasula, professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles and a licensed clinical psychologist. “The probability of meeting someone who lives somewhere else is high, and so these ‘traveling relationships’ can often start from the very beginning. In a world of smartphones, Skype, social media, 10,000 miles away can be as connected as 10 miles away.”

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