Would You Fake A Vacation For Social Media?
Photo Credit: Grady Reese | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Grady Reese | Getty Images

Would You Fake A Vacation For Social Media?

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 24, 2019

It has finally come to this. A new online company, Fake A Vacation, will help you do just that. According to the website, there’s a team of expert photo editors who are eager to Photoshop you into a destination package of your choice.

“Get your vacation pictures delivered in your inbox and get ready to brag to your friends on where you went. We take care of everything from providing pictures to educating you about the destination,” says the online photo editing provider. Why? So you can brag to your friends IRL and through social media of course.  However, after viewing the examples on the website, I’m not sure anyone would believe you.

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The experts at Fake A Vacation don’t want you to feel guilty for deceiving the world.  The website references a 2017 survey to prove you would not be alone in using the service. The survey claims that more than 33% of men and 56% of millennials say that they have faked a vacation in the past.

Those numbers are a bit staggering and if correct, leave us wondering if the true impact of travel is being lost on an entire generation. 

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But faking a vacation isn’t cheap. The “Niagara Falls” package starts at $49.99 for just three pictures and their custom packages including Las Vegas, Disneyland, and Hawaii start at $79.99.

Call us old school, but it almost seems like a real vacation would be a much better investment.

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