‘Catch Flights Not COVID’:  Women of Color Production Series Shows How To Travel Safely
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

‘Catch Flights Not COVID’: Women of Color Production Series Shows How To Travel Safely

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 29, 2020

An all women of color production crew is trying to help you stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic through a new immersive travel and podcast series.

Dreams Manifest Productions’ Catch Flights Not COVID takes viewers on a journey of navigating through some of the most beautiful destinations worldwide that are open to American tourists safely and responsibly.

Each episode highlights the current tourist climate, requirements, testing, and all the preparation needed to travel to each destination.

“When 2020 travel lurched to a halt, I felt a strong calling to adapt my production work into an arena that could help solve this,” said concept creator Jasmine Walton. “Dreams Manifest Productions seeks to tell stories about everyday people navigating the broader planet, and what more relevant way to do that in 2020 than with this project?” 

In Season 1, viewers will witness how to safely travel through Croatia, Malta, Montenegro, Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Costa Rica.

The production crew said it’s also committed to giving back to local businesses. A quarter of all proceeds raised through either merchandise sales or affiliate marketing will be given to participating local businesses in each country impacted by the pandemic.

About Dreams Manifest Productions

Dreams Manifest Productions is a majority female P.O.C. production crew and team. The content produced by Dreams Manifest Productions not only focuses on diversity and inclusion but a closer look into what drives people to travel. The crew makes it a priority to tell stories from those who are underrepresented. 

The Podcast, “Catch Flights Not COVID: A Travel Guide for 2020,” hosted by Ayishia Parsley and CFNC creator Jasmine Walton can be found on Spotify and features travel experts covering broader topics such as how to live out of your backpack, solo traveling as a woman, and traveling with a family. 

A sneak peek of Catch Flights Not COVID will premiere on Nov.  11 on social media on the following pages: Catch Flights Not COVID, Dreams Manifest Productions, Culture Rich Trips, The Black Travel Club, and Black Travel Tube. 

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