Mother Names Her Daughter "Sky" After Giving Birth On American Airlines Jetway
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mother Names Her Daughter "Sky" After Giving Birth On American Airlines Jetway

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 1, 2019

A mother on an American Airlines flight landed with an unexpectant carry-on. 

The day before Thanksgiving, on one of the busiest travel days of the year,  Nereida Araujo gave birth to a healthy baby girl after Flight 868 landed in Charlotte, North Carolina from Tampa, Florida.

Her unexpected arrival is what inspired the newborn’s name:  Lizyana Sky Taylor.

“Baby Sky decided to enter the world on a plane,” Araujo wrote on Facebook. “Mommy handled it well thanks to everybody who assisted us with love & care.”

Crystal Byrd, spokesperson for American Airlines told USA TODAY that the airline “requested medical personnel due to a passenger who needed assistance” upon landing in Charlotte.

Charlotte emergency crews arrived just in time to help with the delivery of Baby Sky at the Charlotte Douglass International Airport.

Araujo told local media that she was cleared to fly at 38 weeks pregnant by  American Airlines and her doctor. Her water broke towards the end of the flight.

“I was sleeping and I felt like a pop in my lower back,” Araujo told the outlet. “I just felt like liquid and I woke my husband up.”

And while airports are a rare place of birth,  it’s not uncommon. 

Earlier this year,  an expectant mother and her baby captured the hearts of millions on social media after Jet Blue confirmed the birth of a baby boy mid-flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale.   The baby was born on a plane named “Born To Be Blue,” USA Today reported.

And in 2017,  a mother on a Spirit Airlines flight gave birth on a plane from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas. Luckily for the parents,  Spirit Airlines gifted the newborn free flights for himself and a guest every year on his birthday for the rest of his life.

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