26-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Going Into Restricted Yellowstone National Area
Photo Credit: M.M.

Photo Credit: M.M.

26-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Going Into Restricted Yellowstone National Area

Malik Peay
Malik Peay Sep 2, 2021

In early August, a woman in Hartford, Connecticut was arrested for walking off the safely-guided boardwalk in the Yellowstone National Park. Madeline S. Casey, 26, will spend a week in jail and now has to pay over $2,000 worth of fines for her actions.

There are victims that suffer from heat and steam burns from the geysers annually, even though there is clear signage that states that these areas are prohibited. Some people have even died. The various boardwalks that surround Yellowstone National Park are built to protect visitors from the hydrothermal grounds that could burn travelers.

The largest wilderness government park connects the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana and has become a tourist attraction for Americans since 1872. The 3,000+ miles of recreational land is home to over 10,000 hydrothermal areas that include hot springs, mudflows, and steamy geysers.

Yellowstone National Park is the most popular national public park in the United States, and it is probably due to its over 500 explosive geysers. These combustible landmarks are huge spectacles for families who tour the region for a few days out of the week because of how massive Yellowstone is.

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The Norris Geyser Basin is the trespassed natural vent that Casey and her travel partners wandered off. More visitors have faced fatal accidents traveling to Yellowstone and going off the path which has forced the park to put in more preventative measures. People have suffered from facial burns that have come in physical contact with the scorching Old Faithful geyser.

The grounds of the geysers and hydrothermal earth are shaky and severely hot because of the magma underneath that causes the crust to be untouchable. The water temperatures and pressure under the ground force hot air through the crevices of these geysers, which is why they can be so dangerous.

The other spectacles that are maintained throughout Yellowstone are the beautiful waterfalls all over the thick wilderness. Thermophiles are the non-visible microorganisms beneath the crust cause the earth to be multicolored and give the Yellowstone National Park the popular colorful identity it has become widely known for.

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