A 37-year-woman was shot at Dallas Love Field Airport Monday by an officer after she opened fire near the ticketing counter.

Details remain unclear, but witnesses on the scene tell NBC 5 she made an announcement about infidelity before the shooting.

“She basically said in her […] her husband was cheating or something […] and she was about to blow this sucker up,” a witness tells the local outlet. “After she said that, she pulled out a gun. She fired the first shot in the air, and everybody scattered,” “We were running. There were 10-12 more shots after that.”

The suspect was dropped off at the airport at roughly 11 a.m., and walked inside near the ticketing counters before entering the bathroom, where she reportedly changed into a different outfit than what she arrived in, Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia stated in a news conference.

She came outside the bathroom wearing a hooded sweatshirt and pulled out a gun.

“At this point, we don’t know where exactly the individual was aiming,” said Garcia. “from what we are seeing, she was aiming at the ceiling,” Garcia said. “There are several rounds that were found.”

An officer on the scene shot the woman in her “lower extremities” before she was taken into custody. She’s being treated at a local hospital.

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A Scary Situation For Travelers

Luckily, no other person was injured during this frightening incident. Police have not released the woman’s name, and there is no clear motive at this time.

“We wanted to ensure that our community knows that this is not an active situation,” the chief said.

Video circulating on social media shows people on the ground hiding behind chairs in nearby terminals.

The investigation of what happened is ongoing.