Here's Your Chance To Win A Date With A Japanese Billionaire To Outerspace
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Here's Your Chance To Win A Date With A Japanese Billionaire To Outerspace

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Jan 13, 2020

As the founder of Japan’s largest retail website, Zozotown, 44-year-old Yusaku Maezawa has been able to acquire his share of money, social status, and fame, but none of that matters without someone to love. For that reason, the Japanese billionaire has turned to reality television to find his life partner.

Maezawa is looking for a female companion to accompany him on SpaceX’s first tourist voyage around the moon, tentatively scheduled for 2023. Not only could you win this billionaire’s heart, but you can also be the first woman to voyage to the moon.

Applicants must be over 20 years old, have a bright and positive personality, have an interest in going to space, and be someone who wishes for world peace.

Selections for Maezawa’s special someone begin on January 25. The deadline to apply is January 17 at 10am (JST). After a series of dates to determine compatibility, the final partner will be chosen in March.

The search for Maezawa’s love interest will be part of a new documentary entitled “Full Moon Lovers,” which will be shown on streaming service AbemaTV. To apply, visit for details.

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