What To Know About Europe’s Second Wave
Photo Credit: Healthcare professional in protective workwear preparing to do nasal swab testing on Afro-Caribbean man in early 20s at drive-thru site.

Photo Credit: Healthcare professional in protective workwear preparing to do nasal swab testing on Afro-Caribbean man in early 20s at drive-thru site.

What To Know About Europe’s Second Wave

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 16, 2020

Countries across Europe are seeing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, and many countries are reporting more daily cases than during the first wave earlier this year.

With more than 7.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases,

European leaders are reinstating restrictions and shutdowns to curb infections.

So far, France has declared a public health state of emergency, the U.K. is approaching a second national lockdown, and Germany has introduced new rules to lower the infection rate.

Here’s how some European countries are handling the second wave:


Austria has reintroduced mandatory mask-wearing while shopping and people taking public transportation. Leaders have imposed a 1am closing time on bars and restaurants, and limited non-seated gatherings in public places to 10 people. 


Shops must shut at 10pm, cafes 11pm, and restaurants at 1am. There’s a maximum of 10 people at a table in a restaurant, four people at a table in cafes.

No more than four people (except the under-12s and those living under the same roof) may gather together, either at home or in public spaces.


Masks are mandatory on public transport, in shops and at public events. Bars and clubs must close by midnight and restaurants can only serve customers outside.


New restrictions have been imposed until Oct. 31.  Masksare mandatory on public transport and when standing in cafes and restaurants. Bars and restaurants must close by 10pm and public gatherings are capped at 50 people.


Masksaremandatory outdoors, in shops, restaurants, and indoor public spaces in all areas where the virus is spreading rapidly.

A curfew is currently being enforced in Paris and eight other cities deemed as “maximum alert.”

The curfew, from 9 pm to 6 am, will be imposed for at least four weeks but could be extended until Dec. 1.


German leaders agreed on new restrictions in coronavirus hotspots: in cities and regions seeing more than 35 infections per 100,000 people over the space of 75 days.

Masks will be mandatory in public gathering places. Private gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants or the members of two households, and bars and restaurants are ordered to close at 11 pm.


Masks are mandatory in all enclosed spaces, including workspaces, schools, and all public transport forms, and encouraged in restaurants when customers are not eating or drinking.


Masks are mandatory outside across Italy as well as in enclosed spaces such as shops, bars, museums, airports and all forms of public transport. 

Bars and restaurants must close at midnight. 


Masks are mandatory on public transport, and cafes, bars, restaurants, and cannabis cafes are closed through mid-November.

It’s important to note that masks are not legally required to be worn.  The government is currently working on legislation to enforce masks mandates.  For now,  masks are “strongly advised.”


Masks are mandatory on public transport, in shops, and in enclosed or busy places. Bars and restaurants must close by 11 pm. Cafes and restaurants near schools can serve groups of no more than four customers per table. Gatherings are limited to five people but weddings and baptisms can have 50 guests. University parties are banned.


Spain has become the worst-affected country in western Europe, with Madrid worst-hit.

Masks are mandatory in outdoor and enclosed spaces across the country.

The city of Madrid and eight towns are on a limited lockdown, with people allowed to enter or exit the affected areas only for work, school, or medical grounds or for other pressing reasons.

Public and private gatherings are limited to six people, and bars and restaurants must operate at 50% of their inside capacity and close by 11 pm.

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