Will You Be Deemed 'Fit To Travel?' What To Expect With Future Airport Processes
Photo Credit: Photo by PeopleImages/ Getty Images

Photo Credit: Photo by PeopleImages/ Getty Images

Will You Be Deemed 'Fit To Travel?' What To Expect With Future Airport Processes

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 11, 2020

It’s no surprise that the days of quick check-ins to catch your flight will soon be nonexistent. As airlines and the travel industry as a whole make preparations to welcome travelers back, we are slowly seeing some of the policies that will be implemented.

Rumors have been circulating around everything from what types of documentation passengers will need to board down to how they will be checked for the possibility of illness.

What we can say, is that you will only be able to fly if you are deemed “fit to travel.”

As of now, travel experts are warning travelers to be prepared for a nearly 4-hour check-in process. Airports are rolling out contactless kiosks and self-drop luggage stations. For those that need to speak with a live representative, you will likely do so through some type of glass shield.

Masks and medical gloves will also likely be a requirement that must be worn from check-in to touchdown. Additionally, it is being said that there will be sanitizing stations not only for your hands but disinfectant tunnels for your entire body and your checked luggage.

Before going through security you will likely need to pass through a biometric scanner to detect fever or other signs of illness. Some airlines may even go as far as requiring rapid blood tests to check for the presence of antibodies. While this method is not 100% able to detect for immunity, some feel that those with the presence of antibodies are better able to fight off COVID-19.

If and only if you pass all of these measures will you then be allowed to head through security. Get ready for longer wait times as agents will need to ensure travelers are practicing safe social distancing while also sanitizing frequently.

Once it’s time to board, airlines will more than likely do away with the scanning of boarding passes and mobile phones. You will be asked to scan your face instead for proof of boarding.

Finally, once you land at your destination, expect to go through similar processes once again. Some international destinations will also require an immunity passport before you are able to enter the borders. Immunity passports are documentation that proves that you have successfully fought off COVID-19 and are now immune from catching it(and hopefully spreading it to others).

With all of these measures possibly being the new norm, are you still willing to travel?

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