The French Riviera is a pioneer Modern Coastal Resort area and remains one of the world’s most popular to date. There is so much to do in the French Riviera you can’t list them in a single page. Below are some of the exciting things you can do in the French Riviera.

Explore the City of Nice

When visiting the French Riviera, if you’re the ordinary man/woman on the street, Nice will definitely be your home base since Monaco is too expensive and the other places are too small. It is also centrally located within the most exciting section of the French Riviera. Nice has a fantastic nightlife which is way more affordable than Monaco’s. You also could visit the Old Town and Castle hill during the day and sample different French cuisines within the city.

Explore Monaco

This second smallest country in the world could just double up as the most expensive one too. From fancy cars, expensive Yachts, famous Casinos such as the Monte Carlo Casino and everything your money could buy could as well be available in Monaco. This city is pretty expensive though, you could buy your groceries near the train station to save. During the day you got a lot of places of interest to visit such as the Prince’s Palace, Forte Antoine Theatre, St. Martins Garden etc.

Gamble at Monte Carlo

Yes, you could try your luck at the Word’s most famous casino. Make sure you dress well when visiting and always carry your passport – those two could easily deny you entry into the Monte Carlo. The whole area looks filthy rich and if you’re dressed the right way, a good pose with the right cameraman among the Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Lambos could see you pose as some high flying playboy or diva on social media.

Cannes Beach Day

What is a visit to the French Riviera without visiting the famous Cannes? The place has an awesome sandy beach and a place to sunbathe and swim and relax and feel like the luckiest person in the world. The hotels and food around are also amazing you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Promenade Des Anglais

A promenade is simply a public place for strolling or taking a walk. The Promenade des Anglais is a Promenade in Nice running from the airport to the United States Quays in the East. The promenade is great with great sea views and great restaurants and cafes too.

Sample the Seafood

At the French Riviera, you’ll sample some of the best Seafood in the whole of Europe. You’ll also be spoilt for choice of the number of restaurants and cafes available. It is a highly touristic area though so you have to do your shopping well if you’re not the type who doesn’t look at the price tags.

Wayne’s Bar & King’s Pub (Old Town Bars)

This interesting place is located in Old Town Nice. They have live music and this cool environment that just makes you want to come again and again.