Best Things To Do In Marrakesh, Morocco
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Things To Do In Marrakesh, Morocco

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Travel Noire Jan 24, 2019

Marrakesh is a beautiful once-imperial city in Maghreb. Rich in culture, history, and art from antiquated and modern times, there are plenty of things to do no matter your interests. Once you’ve exhausted yourself on the more tantalizing delights of Marrakesh, there are plenty of places to relax, too.

Visit Jemaa El-Fnaa

A lively square, Jemaa El-Fnaa is the vibrant heart of Marrakech. During the day, tourists can expect to swim through entertainment ranging from henna artists and snake charmers. By night, the square offers culinary delights from traditional roasts and freshly-squeezed juices, and much more. Bring your appetite!

Jardon Majorelle

If you’ve had enough of the bustling stalls and vendors in at Jemaa El-Fnaa, nourish your inner artist’s soul with a visit to Jardin Majorelle. Named after French painter Jacques Majorelle, it’s its namesake’s botanical masterwork. Over the course of four decades, Majorelle created a beautiful tapestry of plants, calming streams, and lovely roads. When it’s time to relax, this beautiful oasis awaits.

Koutoubia Mosque

When you’re ready to absorb the cultural highlights of Morocco, Koutoubia Mosque should be at the top of your list. Famous for being the largest of mosques in Marrakech, this mosque is not only a religious center, but an architectural masterwork. Created in the 1100’s, the building stands as a testament to otherworldly architectural craftsmanship whose ornamental elegance went on to influence countless other countries such as Spain for centuries.

Stay in a Riad

Forego the hotel when you’re in Morocco, and spend a night at a riad in Marrakesh. Riad’s are relaxing, tranquil getaways designed for optimum peace. Many boast breathtaking views of the city, where you can take in the grandeur from afar after a long day of travels. Even if you’ve booked a hotel for the duration of your stay, it is worth spending a night or even day at a riad. We suggest Dar Hanane, one of the more popular, which entreats guest to a gorgeous view.

Go to a hammam

If you’re familiar with traditional Japanese bathhouses, known as onsens, the hammam in Marrakech is very similar. When you visit, you will strip and immerse in a very sauna-like experience, followed by a deep, relaxing, exfoliation massage, and then take a dip into an icy pool. Though luxurious, they are often very reasonably priced, and there are several in the city. Indulge yourself, but don’t forget a towel!

Visit a tannery

It might seem like an unusual choice, but taking a trip to the tanneries near the northeast is a magical experience off the beaten path. As we are far removed from the craftsmanship and experience of making so many modern consumer goods, it is truly wondrous to watch this ancient alternative to factories. Scarves, dresses, bags, and much more are delicately hand-dipped in small pools of dye and prepared to be brought to the city for sale. But you can also find shops nearby to purchase freshly-made goods, which is a special treat.

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