What Will Summer Vacation Look Like This Year?
Photo Credit: Envato

Photo Credit: Envato

What Will Summer Vacation Look Like This Year?

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 30, 2020

Is it safe to take a summer vacation?  That’s the question many people are pondering as the summer season approaches and the coronavirus pandemic continues to change life as we know it.

Despite the fact that the TSA saw an increase in passenger screenings in mid-April,  the number of flights and passenger traffic has decreased by more than half as a result of the virus.

Southwest Airlines, for example, says it filled just 6% of its seats in April and doesn’t expect the figure to surpass 10% in May. 

But if the recently packed beaches in California and Florida tell us anything, it’s that people are desperate to get out of their homes. 

The Likelihood of a Summer Vacation?

What travel will look like this summer depends on what will be allowed.  There are currently travel restrictions in place for many countries so don’t expect to go abroad until these bans are lifted.

Health experts say mitigation efforts such as social distancing will likely be the new normal until there is a vaccine and those who have underlying health issues will continue to be at higher risk for developing severe complications.

Health officials may give the green light to reopen facilities like amusement parks but recommend people who are at high risk of developing serious complications to avoid them.

“Nothing is without risk and it’s all going to depend on how much risk you want to tolerate,” Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician for Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security told USA Today.  

He added that minimal-contact options like those will be the safest options this summer and ideal for people who want to keep their risk factors low.

If you’re itching to get out of the house this summer,  a day trip could be to a state park or beach could be good options. Check with your destination’s website to make sure it will be open during the times and days you want to visit.

Another good option is taking a road trip across the country and staying in an Airbnb. 

Airbnb has updated its cleaning requirements for hosts who opt to participate in its Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, including a minimum of 24 hours between rentals to reduce the chance a guest might encounter any residual viruses.

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