WATCH: Cardi B Witnesses Yacht Sinking During Vacation With Offset
Photo Credit: Instagram | @iamcardib

Photo Credit: Instagram | @iamcardib

WATCH: Cardi B Witnesses Yacht Sinking During Vacation With Offset

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 31, 2022

One thing about vacation is you always come back with a crazy or exciting story to share. For Cardi B, just when you thought nothing could be crazier than her explosive diarrhea situation while visiting West Africa, her vacation stories keep getting wilder. Now she can add the time she saw a yacht sinking in the ocean during Memorial Day weekend to the list.

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The rapper caught the whole thing as it was happening and shared it with her more than 22 million Twitter followers.

She has the same reaction many of us would have watching such horror.

“It’s sinking! Y’all see that?” she screams in the clip. “They can’t do nothing about it. There ain’t no big boat that can save it. It’s gone! Bye-bye.”

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It’s unclear where Cardi B and her husband were vacationing at the time, but thankfully, no one was on the yacht as it sank.

Twitter Reacts To Sinking Yacht

It appears that most people replying to her video all have the same questions.

“Wow, how that happen?” one person replied.

“Yo, that’s actually crazy to witness,” another person added.

While other people came to the conclusion that purchasing a new yacht is out of the question if afforded the opportunity, turns out a sinking modern yacht is actually pretty rare.

“For a yacht’s hull to fail, mechanical failure is a more likely cause of sinking on a modern yacht,” according to a report by Yachting World.

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