'I Was Wasting Money On Things That Weren't Giving Me Experiences'
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kasey Woods

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kasey Woods

'I Was Wasting Money On Things That Weren't Giving Me Experiences'

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Mar 3, 2021

Connecticut native Kasey Woods is a successful publicist with over 15 years of experience representing brands like popular haircare company Camille Rose and media personality Necole Kane. But there was a time when her circumstances were very different.

Woods wasn’t making as much money and couldn’t afford certain luxuries like travel. However, the single mom of three, has recently started venturing out to see the country.

She spoke to Travel Noire about her motivation to enjoy new experiences with her kids and why a trip to California is an important part of their future travels.

Travel Noire: When did you start traveling intentionally?

Kasey: Maybe in the last two years. I’ve been traveling a lot during the pandemic, which is a little odd, but we’re in New York and there was so much that we couldn’t do at home. I try to bring them places to have experiences that we necessarily wouldn’t be able to have while we’re here. We go to the Poconos, Lake George and Florida, and now they want to go to California. That’s their new thing. We’re waiting for California to open up so that we can go there.

We’re a family of four. Flights are so cheap now, it makes it more realistic that we can do the traveling that we weren’t able to do before.

TN: What were some of the factors that held you back before?

Kasey: I was wasting money on things that weren’t giving me experiences. I look at my credit card and I would spend $200 on Uber eats, and I’m like ‘I could have just bought a ticket to Cuba for that $200.’ You know what I mean? I recognized that I wasn’t necessarily getting the most bang for my buck in terms of life. So, I made that conscious decision to do more, have more experiences and fewer things that weren’t having any type of ramifications that were positive for me.

Courtesy of Kasey Woods

TN: What’s it like being able to bring your kids with you? What are the logistics like?

Kasey: It’s not that bad. My children, my daughters specifically, they’re really into packing. I’m a last-minute packer. I just throw everything into a bag, and we’ll just see when we get there, what works out. My kids are a lot more structured than I am. It’s a lot of research in advance to find out what we’re going to do and how we’re going to get around. Most of our trips have been very last minute. I’m very spontaneous.

TN: You and your son recently took a special trip together. How did that come about?

Kasey: He’s working from home because he goes to Howard, and they don’t have in-person learning right now. So I’m like let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go do things. I was going to bring everyone, so I asked them if they wanted to get traditional Christmas gifts or go somewhere for Christmas. My daughters wanted to go somewhere, but my son didn’t feel comfortable. So, we just did our regular Christmas. As time went by, he was getting a little more comfortable being out and doing things. He’s very Corona-conscious. I was going to go back to Mexico, and then he said he’s thinking about going. He was a bit more open to going, so I just booked his ticket and said you’re going. He worked from the Airbnb and the resort during the day. And then I took him out, and we had experiences together.

TN: I imagine that’s a great bonding experience for the two of you.

It has been. Even in terms of our local traveling, the fact that my kids do things that a lot of other kids don’t get a chance to do, especially kids from New York. They get to have very fulfilling experiences.

Courtesy of Kasey Woods

TN: When you do travel, especially within the US, where do you all tend to stay?

Kasey: My kids love hotels because they like to do the pool, but it’s a lot of us, so I have to get multiple rooms. A lot of times my mom travels with me. She likes to come and have the experience with the kids as well. It’s just been easier to get an Airbnb. Sometimes we will get a hotel just for the experience, but Airbnb has been a lifesaver.

TN: When things really open up, and it’s safer, what’s your dream trip for your family?

Kasey: My daughters want to go to LA so bad. But I also wanted to do another international trip this year. We’re just probably going to come together as a family, and I’m going to look and see who has the cheapest flights, and we’ll go there.

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