Viva Aerobus And Allegiant Air Are Partnering  For Cheap US-Mexico Flights
Photo Credit: Buena Vista Images

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Images

Viva Aerobus And Allegiant Air Are Partnering For Cheap US-Mexico Flights

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Dec 8, 2021

In 2023, Allegiant Airlines and Mexico-based Viva Aerobus are partnering for more affordable flights between the US and Mexico. The partnership has yet to be approved by the government, but they are hoping to tighten international travel affairs in the near future.

The two airlines have filled out an application with the US Department of Transportation to further solidify the new agreement. Las Vegas-based Allegiant Airlines already offers low-cost airfare, and so does Viva Aerobus.

The commercial airlines coming together to make flights more accessible for everyone is a new alliance that has never been done before and will surely introduce great low-tier prices.

In a press release sent out last week, Allegiant discussed their venture with Viva Aerobus.

“Allegiant and Viva Aerobus operating together will be a tremendous win for consumers seeking affordable, nonstop travel between the U.S. and Mexico, and will create rippling economic benefits for hospitality sector business across both nations,” said the carrier. “This groundbreaking alliance should reduce fares, stimulate traffic, and ultimately link many new transborder cities with nonstop service. In short, it will bring meaningful ULCC competition to the U.S.-Mexico market for the first time in history.”

“The U.S. – Mexico market is currently the largest international air travel market in the world; during the pandemic it has outperformed any other market due to a strong leisure and VFR (Visiting Friends & Relatives) recovery where both Viva Aerobus and Allegiant have excelled, Viva CEO Juan Carlos Zuazua stated “This unique ULCC alliance will create new non-stop connectivity and more competition, strengthening the immense Hispanic VFR market and offering amazing holiday get-aways for residents of both nations.”

Once approved by the US government, Allegiant will be able to offer flights in Mexico to tourist destinations that aren’t available now. The alliance between a Mexico-based airline and a Las Vegas-based airline will pave the way towards more flight opportunities for more demographics in both countries.

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