VIP Sections In The Air? Virgin Atlantic Unveils New Booth Lounges For Planes
Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

VIP Sections In The Air? Virgin Atlantic Unveils New Booth Lounges For Planes

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 5, 2021

Sir Richard Bronson is always looking to the future when it comes to his Virgin Atlantic brand. From the Black mermaid on a recent Virgin Atlantic ship to now introducing upscale booths on some A350 planes. Yes, you can soon have your own VIP experience 35,000+ feet in the air.

Simply called “The Booth,” the new concept will be found on the newly redesigned Virgin Atlantic “leisure fleet,” which are set to debut sometime by the end of the year.

The updated planes will fly to destinations that are known for heavy tourist traffic versus business travelers. Think places like Orlando and parts of the Caribbean, including Barbados.

The planes will have fewer business class seats, but to replace that, The Booth will provide an in-flight social experience like no other. Designed for up to 2 people, the seating areas are the latest feature that Virgin Atlantic upper class passengers will be able to utilize.

“Tucked away in the Upper Class cabin, The Booth aspires to create a [cozy] corner, providing comfy lounge-style seating for two, separated by a single leaf table,” the carrier said in a statement.

There aren’t many details on what service in The Booth will include, but according to The Points Guy, the airline will likely allow passengers to reserve the area for a limited duration of the flight— possibly for an intimate dinner or cocktail.

“We’re famous for our on-board social spaces, and the introduction of The Booth elevates the customer proposition for our leisure travelers to new heights,” Corneel Koster, chief customer and operations officer at Virgin Atlantic, told Business Traveller. “We love creating brilliantly different experiences, which is why we’re always evolving our ideas to offer something different and exciting in the air and on the ground.

“I’m delighted that we’ve curated The Booth specifically for our customers jetting off on holiday to our sunny destinations, such as Orlando, offering a truly stylish start to their trips.”

The first plane featuring The Booth will fly from London-Heathrow to Orlando in December. As of now, there are plans to unveil 5 of the newly designed planes through 2023.

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