Housekeeping conditions at hotels have become a major concern in China after a video went viral.


A blogger named Huazong posted an 11-minute video exposing the disgusting conditions of some Chinese hotels. The video highlighted the cleaning crews of 14 luxury hotels throughout China, wiping rooms down with dirty towels and sponges. To make matter worse, some cleaners even used the same towel on the room cups as they did on the toilet seat.




Since the expose went viral, some of the hotels have issued apologies. The Shangri-La Hotel in Fuzhou said the actions in the video violated their hygiene standards, Park Hyatt in Beijing dismissed it, calling it an isolated incident.  The Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai and the Sheraton in Guiyang City both said their cleaning procedures would be reviewed. Although these are luxury hotels, this isn’t the first time their cleaning practices were put under the microscope.


Last year, a different hidden camera video was posted on Chinese streaming site Pear Video catching crews in the act. The video showed crews scrubbing mugs with a toilet brush, washing the bathroom floors with toilet water, and folding clean towels on the bathroom floor. The Shangri-La Hotel, again, was one of the accused locations. The South China Morning Post reported that the hotels were fined and told to correct the issue.


Besides having to worry about bedbugs, studies show that many places in a hotel room should raise eyebrows. One study showed that 81% of hard surfaces had some bacteria. Light switches and tv remotes were among the highly contaminated pieces, as well as obvious ones like toilets and bathroom sinks. For soft surfaces, you should keep an eye out on carpets and the bedspread. Guests know that staff changes sheets and towels, but some don’t bother to wash the bedding.