Explore Urban Architecture With These Airbnb Bike Tours
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Explore Urban Architecture With These Airbnb Bike Tours

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu May 10, 2019

While most people use Airbnb to find an affordable place to stay while out on vacation, many are taking advantage of the website’s new ‘Experiences‘ section and connecting with locals who host unique travel activities. There’s no better way to explore your new surroundings than to embark on a bike tour around the city. Here are a few local-hosted bike tours across the globe that will leave you with a ton of sights worth seeing.

Explore Unseen London By Bicycle

This host takes cycling seriously. He owns bikes from 4 continents and has cycled extensively throughout Los Angeles, Tokyo, Nairobi, Bangkok, Toronto, and more. The 4.5-hour ride will take you through several vibrant, artsy, and historic areas of London.

Enjoy A Sunset Cycle Of Glittering Paris Sites

Enjoy back streets, bike lanes and waterfront routes on this 3.5-hour ride. This tour is led by 5 friends who will take you through the main sites, mostly hidden gems, and corners you might otherwise miss.

Go Off The Beaten Path On This Architecture Ride In Spain

Wanting to check out the sites in Spain? This 3-hour bike tour in Barcelona may be the tour for you. This bike ride is the perfect way to discover parts of Barcelona that most tourists will never get to know about. The ride combines a look at interesting architecture and city history with a visit to the quaint and non-touristy Poblenou neighborhood.

Enjoy A Foodie Bike Tour At The Floating Market In Thailand

Get a true sense of Thailand by taking part in this educational and spiritual journey. You’ll stop at interesting Buddhist temples, cycle through a vibrant mix of local Thai communities and then end at a floating market where the foodie in you can order a dish cooked on a tiny wooden boat anchored just next to your table.

Bike Modern Architecture Icons In Berlin

Ride with Antonio and discover Modern Berlin while learning about the history of the city through its architecture. This bike trip covers all the important spots, from Norman Foster’s Reichstag to Renzo Piano building.

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