Unvaccinated American Travelers Are Once Again Banned From Entering France
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Unvaccinated American Travelers Are Once Again Banned From Entering France

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Sep 20, 2021

As the European Union stresses its concerns about the spike in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant in the United States, a French government decree banned unvaccinated American travelers from entering France.

Under France’s new rule, unvaccinated American travelers will still be allowed in provided they have an essential reason to visit the country, however they’ll need a negative Covid-19 test before travel and must be quarantined for seven days on arrival.

France is the most significant tourism destination in the world. In 2019, this European country received 89.4 million visitors, 6 million more than Spain, which is the world’s second most visited place.

France’s move follows restrictions imposed on US travelers from several other European destinations such as  Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain— the last country to require a certificate proving double vaccination for arrivals from the US.

Italy began requiring all visitors, including those from the United States, to show proof of a PCR or antigen Covid test taken within 72 hours of travel, regardless of whether they are vaccinated.

Sweden continues to ban all US arrivals regardless of vaccination status.

The European Union warned its member states earlier this month to begin restricting US arrivals following rising Covid-19 numbers across the United States during July and August. 

However, few other countries like Greece, another major tourism destination, stated they will remain open regardless of traveler vaccination status. Travelers from the US can travel to Greece without quarantine requirements.

Officials say targeted rapid checks will be carried out at entry points, and quarantine hotels are ready to accommodate those who test positive during this process.

Many European travel destinations reopened their borders to Americans earlier in the summer in hopes of attracting much needed tourism dollars to boost Covid-battered economies.

Spain, for example, received  77.3% less tourists in 2020 compared to the previous year. Last year was the worst in the history of the sector in a country where the tourism industry contributes over 12% to the national economy.

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