United Airlines Returns to Beijing and Starts Daily Shanghai Flights
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Martin Puddy

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Martin Puddy

United Airlines Returns to Beijing and Starts Daily Shanghai Flights

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 14, 2023

Starting on Oct. 1, United Airlines will introduce daily nonstop flights between San Francisco and Shanghai, reestablishing connections to Beijing. These flights between the United States and China have been made possible through a bilateral agreement between the governments.

Passengers can access Shanghai flight details on United.com and the United app, while the Beijing schedule will receive updates next week.

United Airlines’ aim to increase its presence in China is evident in its decision to augment flight options to Shanghai. This move aims to strengthen its foothold in the Asia Pacific region.

“We express our gratitude for this positive advancement in U.S. – China passenger air services, extending our thanks to the numerous officials from both nations who collaborated to facilitate this reinstatement of air travel,” said Patrick Quayle, Senior Vice President of Global Network Planning and Alliances.

Beijing and Shanghai: China’s Two Major Cities

Beijing and Shanghai stand as two major cities in China with significant financial and cultural importance. Both cities attract a large number of visitors and business travelers. This situation emphasizes the need for airline companies to offer flight choices between them. Through the augmentation of flights to Shanghai and the forthcoming adjustment of its Beijing schedule, United Airlines seeks to accommodate the surging demand. They are offering passengers increased flexibility in their travel plans within China.

Quayle also said that Russian restrictions on air travel have made United Airlines emphasize the expansion of its routes within the Asia Pacific region. The elevation of flights to both Beijing and Shanghai positions United Airlines as a pivotal player to connect these major economic hubs. This move not only benefits passengers, but also bolsters United Airlines’ long-term growth strategy across the region.

“This announcement heralds great news for United customers, as we believe that offering daily flights to Beijing and Shanghai from San Francisco accurately aligns with the prevailing market demand – particularly given the constraints imposed by Russian overflight restrictions on our ability to serve China nonstop from our central hubs or the East Coast.”

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