United Airlines Says Hard Liquor Sales On Flights Are Back
Photo Credit: United Airlines

Photo Credit: United Airlines

United Airlines Says Hard Liquor Sales On Flights Are Back

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Nov 17, 2021

After being suspended for more than a year, United Airlines resumed hard liquor sales on flights on Monday, the company announced.

According to United, this decision was made “in response to the feedback we’ve received from both customers and flight attendants.” In November 2020, the company announced that it would resume the sale of beer, wine and seltzer.

The airline is selling mini booze bottles in economy class on domestic flights of more than 300 miles, which include domestic flights as well as flights to Canada and Latin America.

“The ability to offer a complete food and beverage menu is something that we know is important to our customers,” United said.

Currently, Southwest and American are the only two airlines that have continues to suspend the sale of alcohol in economy. Southwest has only one class of service, but American is serving alcohol in first and business class.

However, Flight Attendants Association President Sara Nelson said that this decision is worrisome. She told Fox News that one of the reasons alcohol sales stopped on planes originally was not about the unruly passengers, it was a COVID safety protocol.

“As people were drinking, they got a little bit more sloppy about their masks, and it can lead to other disruptions. I want to remind people that we are going to have a bunch of children on the planes during these holidays. Many of them have not had access to the vaccines,” she told Fox News.

She also emphasized that there are people who travel with medical treatment who were not able to get the vaccines.

“That’s why it is a controlled environment where everyone has to wear masks because we have to have the lowest common denominator of safety to keep everyone safe on the plane.”

The decision to restore liquor sales on flights comes as incidents of violent and belligerent passengers on US airlines continue to rise, as Travel Noire has reported over the past months.

Incidents involving flight attendants and travelers who refuse to wear a face mask have escalated in recent months, and several videos about those occurrences have gone viral on social media.

Flight crews have reported more than 5,100 cases of unruly passengers to the Federal Aviation Administration since the start of the year. And the FAA fines for acting out on an airplane are getting crazier than ever.

The federal agency recently issued a press release documenting the 30 most expensive airline incidents. Travel Noire reported the 9 craziest fines imposed by the FAA for travelers.

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