UK May Prohibit Alcohol Consumption In Airports Before 10 A.M.
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UK May Prohibit Alcohol Consumption In Airports Before 10 A.M.

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Rachel George
Rachel George Nov 8, 2018

Did you know that you can be banned from a flight for being under the influence of alcohol in Great Britain?


Last week, the UK government announced plans to review its airport rules that allow travelers to drink alcohol bright and early in the morning.


They’ve received several complaints about drunken, disorderly passengers, over 400 reports in 2017, according to the British Civil Aviation Authority. One in six people have experienced aggressive behavior from passengers on flights in the last three years.


The British government may potentially to push back the opening time of airport bars until 10 AM. In April, they proposed alcohol be in sealed plastic bags if bought in airports.


Last year, Ryanair called on UK airports to restrict pre-flight alcohol consumption to prevent disruptive behavior on their flights. The airline also called to ban the sale of alcohol before 10 a.m. and for a limited number of drinks per boarding pass. Limited alcohol is served on their flights.


“This is a particular problem during flight delays when airports apply no limit to the sale of alcohol in airside bars and restaurants,” Ryanair said in a statement. “This is an issue which the airports must now address and we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, particularly with early morning flights and when flights are delayed.”


Duty-free alcohol is prohibited on flights from Glasglow, Prestwick, and Manchester to Alicante and Ibiza. If purchased, it would have to be stored in holding or left behind.


The public has three months to address their views on the subject with the British government.


Being drunk on a UK flight can result in two years in prison. Disorderly conduct or interrupting the flight may result in up to five years.

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