U.S. Traveler Stunned By Moroccan Hospital Bill, Shares With Viral TikTok Video
Photo Credit: pixabay

Photo Credit: pixabay

U.S. Traveler Stunned By Moroccan Hospital Bill, Shares With Viral TikTok Video

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jun 7, 2022

After backpacking around Morocco, a U.S. traveler was left stunned by a Moroccan hospital bill that he received on the last day. After spending an entire night in ER and receiving medication, the traveler’s bill came up to $31 USD.

Christian Grossi, 23, a travel blogger from the U.S., shared his account of his last day in Morocco. After experiencing extreme food poisoning, Grossi was in such a bad state that he had to go to the hospital.

Grossi details how after uploading his recent video about experiencing food poisoning in North Africa, he started to feel really dizzy. After deciding to head to a store close to his Airbnb, he ended up collapsing on the street.

Grossi then woke to 4 Moroccan men pouring water on him, speaking completely in Arabic except for the words ‘hospital’.

Considering the state he was in, Grossi allowed the men to admit him to a hospital. When he arrived, he was admitted to the ER immediately. He was hooked up to two machines, one for antibiotics and another for anti-nausea medication. Grossi details how he passed out again.

TikTok and U.S. Traveler stunned by Moroccan hospital bill…

The viral video, currently with 2.3 million views, documents Grossi’s 24 hours in a Moroccan hospital as a traveler without health insurance.

Some time after waking up again, the nurse explained that he was well enough to return home. Knowing that he didn’t have health insurance, Grossi was anticipating a high bill.

To his disbelief, a night in ER and 4 separate medications cost him $31 USD, cash.

The reaction to his TikTok video showed the stark difference between healthcare in U.S. and elsewhere. One commenter mentions “Bro waiting in the lobby of a US hospital would cost you 20K (@Bogie)”.

Another comments “Americans when they learn that healthcare ain’t that expensive and is free in some countries” (@EllisButler).

Many others took to the comment section to speak on the fact that typically healthcare (and education) is free in Morocco. It seems Grossi attended a ‘non-governmental/private” hospital as opposed to a free one.

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