These Twin Sisters Started A Wine Brand That Celebrates Black Culture
Photo Credit: Photo by Joshua Galloway

Photo Credit: Photo by Joshua Galloway

These Twin Sisters Started A Wine Brand That Celebrates Black Culture

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 24, 2020

As Jay Z said, “what’s better than one? Two. Especially when they’re from the same hue as you.”

Sisters Nicole and Nichelle Nichols are the latest Black wine brand owners to enter the industry, and they are also twins. The women who reside in Dallas by way of Chicago, are the faces behind The Guilty Grape.

Prior to launching the company this month, the sisters worked in corporate America, mostly in the entertainment and lifestyle sector.

Photo by Joshua Galloway

“We created The Guilty Grape so that our culture would feel welcomed,” Nichelle told Travel Noire. “We are here to breathe new life into wine culture while highlighting what we call “new American” wine drinkers.”

The women chose the name, The Guilty Grape, to encompass everything that wine is and can be— whether that’s sweet, spicy, or everything in between.

“Our wines are the perfect balance. Most companies don’t really consider what we enjoy as a culture, but our profiles were chosen with our customers in mind.”

The brand launched with a 2018 California Zinfandel Rosé, with cherry, watermelon, and passion fruit notes. They will release a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in the fall.

Photo by Jonathan Cooper

“We are so much more than a wine company,” Nicole Nichols said. “We are building a legacy. How can you not stand strong in that?”

The women are very excited to join the small percentage of Black winemakers currently in the industry. Nichelle describes the feeling as “empowering while bringing our own chair to the table.”

Of course, launching a wine brand from scratch came with lessons that the ladies hope to pass on to aspiring creators.

“We are needed in this traditional industry,” Nicole said. “Get comfortable with disrupting those norms and building new legacies.”

Photo by Joshua Galloway

As the brand grows, the sisters would like to take their customers along with them on the journey of discovering Black history within the wine industry. They hope to awaken the history that is so often overlooked or forgotten.

The Guilty Grape currently ships to 45 states across the United States. To purchase your bottle, visit the website: You can also follow them on Instagram at: @theguiltygrape.

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