Don't Travel Hungry, Here Are The TSA-Friendly Foods You Can Bring On Flights
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Don't Travel Hungry, Here Are The TSA-Friendly Foods You Can Bring On Flights

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Dec 20, 2019

How many times have you aimlessly walked through an airport before your flight, searching for something to eat? Most of the time, we end up paying for an overpriced sandwich or a bag of nuts and regretting every bite of it. What a lot of travelers aren’t aware of is you can bring your food from home through TSA and onto your flight. 

Although you can bring food, there are slight TSA regulations to be aware of before transporting your gourmet meal through airport security.

Here’s what you can bring:

TSA is surprisingly lenient on what you can bring. As long as the food is solid, you can bring it through security and onto your flight. 

Of course, it has to go through the X-ray machine and a TSA agent may ask what it is, but your food will be allowed through security. 

Here’s what you can’t bring:

Ok, so you know the liquids rules that are in place when traveling? The same applies to foods allowed through security. All liquids need to be under 100 mL and that includes creamy foods like hummus, mashed potatoes, smoothies, pudding…etc. 

Luckily, you can bring fresh fruits and vegetables. You can view a full list of what you can bring here

Keep these things in mind:

As a common courtesy, you wouldn’t bring smelly foods like fish to your office, so you should also be mindful of which foods you bring on your flight. 

Since you’re sharing a flight with other travelers, be conscious of foods with strong scents and with ingredients that cause common allergies such as peanuts and shellfish. 

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