Trump's Threat To Shutdown Mexican Border Could Affect Travel
Photo Credit: jgroup | Getty Images

Photo Credit: jgroup | Getty Images

Trump's Threat To Shutdown Mexican Border Could Affect Travel

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 10, 2019

In yet another recent Twitter outburst, President Trump threatened to shut down the Mexican border claiming that “our detention areas are maxed out and we will take no more illegals.” He also claimed that the border shutdown would “help us with stopping the drug flow from Mexico.”

With 50 border crossing points along the Mexico-U.S. border, a shutdown could affect hundreds of thousands of people and millions in local business revenue.

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November 2018 was the last time the Trump administration shut down a Mexico-U.S. border crossing at the San Ysidro entrance. In just 5 hours, the one border shutdown caused businesses on the U.S. side of the border to lose about $5.3 million in sales, local officials said. Tens of thousands of travelers were also stranded on either side of the border causing chaos, panic, and frustrations. 

Although Trump and his administration later backed down on his most recent social media threats, it left us wondering how a border shutdown would affect travel between Mexico and the U.S. 

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Since air travel would likely not take a hit for U.S. citizens traveling in Mexico at the time of a shutdown, it is likely that their only way to exit the country would be by air. If you are planning an upcoming trip to Mexico, especially if it means border crossings, it is recommended that you have refundable hotel reservations and travel insurance to ensure your trip is protected. Many travel reward credit cards also offer travel protection and refunds that should be covered under a border shutdown situation. Be sure to do some research before booking to make sure you are covered.


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