Traveling To Brazil Might Become Easier As Country Drops Visa Requirement
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Traveling To Brazil Might Become Easier As Country Drops Visa Requirement

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Jan 18, 2019

It looks like travelers to Brazil won’t need to worry about visas anymore.

The country is set to eliminate visa requirements for travelers from the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia. The decision was made Wednesday after Brazil’s newly-elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, wanted to put effort into boosting the country’s tourism numbers.

“The previous administration treated the United States as an adversary, but not our government,” Tourism Minister Marcelo Alvaro Antonio said. “President Bolsonaro wants to embrace the United States as a partner of Brazil.”

Bolsonaro, who is an avid supporter of President Donald J. Trump, has worked hard to get back into good graces with the United States, unlike the administration before him that wasn’t too fond of bonding relationships with other countries. The non-visa initiative is part of Bolsonaro’s Foreign Ministry plan. Bolsonaro won the election based on a right-wing populist campaign, successfully removing the leftist Workers Party who had been in control of the Brazilian government for almost 15 years.

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The Workers Party administration forced Americans that travel to undergo strict visa requirements to enter Brazil, something similar to what Brazilian residents have to go through to enter the United States. Currently, a Brazilian tourist visa costs U.S. passport holders $44 for two years or $160 for ten years.

There is a definite lack of tourism in Brazil, even though it is the largest country in South America. Brazil gets almost 7 million foreign tourists a year while major U.S cities like New York City welcomed twice as many in 2017 alone. The Tourism Ministry plans to spend double on advertisements and promoting international tourism. By 2022, Brazil is hoping to increase their tourism numbers and they hope eliminating visas will help.

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