Traveling This August Or September? These Are The Best Dates To Save Money
Photo Credit: @jordaneil| Unsplash

Photo Credit: @jordaneil| Unsplash

Traveling This August Or September? These Are The Best Dates To Save Money

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 5, 2019

Can you believe we are already halfway though 2019. Time is definitely flying.

If you are starting to plan for your trips over the next few months, we’ve got some tips to help you save a few coins in the process. Flying on certain days can make or break your pockets, especially when it comes to late summer flights. Also, choosing early morning or late night flights can help take a few dollars off as well.

While these dates are showing lower fares at the time of this post, they can quickly change at any money based on availability. That’s just how the airfare game works.

Best dates in August:

If you are looking to head to Europe in August, you’ll want to look for travel dates around August 10. However, if you can wait just a little bit later it is estimated that flight prices will go even lower.

For domestic flights, August 20 is best if you can swing midweek departures but, dates near August 27 are estimated to bring even lower fares for flights any day of the week.

Note: These dates are based on United Airlines flights from Los Angeles to New York (round-trip, non-stop). The cheapest flights in mid to late July cost $517 but dropped to $297 in late August.

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Best dates in September:

Early September seems to be the best option for flying to Europe. Choosing dates on or after the 8th will bring significantly lower costs than any other dates. This is based on a search for flights from Boston to London in early August versus September.

For your domestic flights, look for options later in the month. You should see low prices through the beginning of November.

Additional tips

Anytime you seek out low price airfare, it is always good to compare prices across several travel search engines before making your purchase. Some sites will offer a lower fare so don’t just go with the first one you find.

Suggested travel search sites are Google Flights, Momondo, Skyscanner, and Priceline.

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