Traveling Couple Reveals Tips To Make Baecations Run Smoothly
Photo Credit: Golden Hands Bridge Instagram | @kaybeeandejay

Photo Credit: Golden Hands Bridge Instagram | @kaybeeandejay

Traveling Couple Reveals Tips To Make Baecations Run Smoothly

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 29, 2019

Kay Bee and E Jay have been married for 16 years and during the course of their marriage, have traveled to more than 45 countries together.

If you stroll down their Instagram page, the two have managed to make traveling with bae look like a walk in the park.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Instagram | @kaybeeandejay

Despite their smiles, the couple admits that traveling together hasn’t always been easy. In fact, they revealed that it wasn’t until they set up a travel rhythm that things started to run more smoothly.

Travel Noire caught up with the two to hear more about why a travel rhythm is important when planning a trip with your significant other:

Travel Noire: What’s your favorite country so far and why?

Kay Bee and E Jay: Too many favorites to choose just one. We like Spain for its culture, food, and liveliness; Vietnam for its food, friendliness, beauty and economical prices; New Zealand, Switzerland, Southern Italy and Austria for its beauty; and Croatia and Malta took us by surprise. 

Every country has something to offer – our favorite country typically ends up being the one we are traveling to at the moment.

Golden Hands Bridge Instagram | @kaybeeandejay

TN: What’s the best part about traveling together?

Kay Bee and E Jay: Traveling with someone of likeminded travel philosophy, that does not tether you with the expectations of doing exactly what they want to do and/or when they want to do it is liberating!!

TN: Tell us about one of the most challenging times you’ve experienced during your travels and how you got through it?

Kay Bee and E Jay: By far, it has been establishing a travel rhythm. In the beginning, it was rough going getting on the same page about how to prepare for trips, traveling in transit to the destination, and returning home.

Something as simple as picking a restaurant required United Nations mediation.

It definitely left a souring effect. It was not until we truly started to listen and understand each other’s travel habits that things started to improve.

Daedunsan Mountain in South Korea Instagram | @kaybeeandejay

What countries are next for you all?

Kay Bee and E Jay: We’re looking into Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, or Indonesia.

TN: Lastly, what advice would you give traveling couples?

Kay Bee and E Jay: Leave space for each person to do their own thing and experience travel on their own terms. Google Maps and Google Translator will typically be your best friends. Learn at minimum these phrases for each country in their language: hello, thank you, and where’s the bathroom? Trust us, they can alter the course of your travel experience.

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