Traveling With Your Children Could Make Them Better Leaders
Photo Credit: Kiana Bosman | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Kiana Bosman | Unsplash

Traveling With Your Children Could Make Them Better Leaders

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Aug 28, 2019

A recent study shows that millennials are traveling with their children in record numbers, with 44% bringing their whole family on vacations. It’s clear that millennials recognize the power and importance of travel starting at a young age.

“Vacations as a child play a role in transforming and developing you as a person,” says Sabrina Cendral to, North America’s VP of marketing and digital for Club Med.

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Some of the most important traits that make for successful leaders are developed through travel: fearlessness, open-mindedness, and confidence to name a few. When children are exposed to travel at a young age, these traits are instilled in them for a lifetime.


Travel has the ability to broaden your horizons as you are exposed to different places and different cultures. Apple founder Steve Jobs said that a trip he took to India as a teen was a life-changer. “Kids who have traveled and who have been in contact with local cultures, with local people, with local communities, are very open and very creative,” says Cendral.


Knowing that you have the tools within yourself to navigate the world is a huge confidence booster for children. Feeling at home anywhere in the world means, you can walk into any boardroom with adaptability and confidence. Obama once said, “There is something spectacular about seeing a new place, being exposed to new ideas and experiencing a new culture. Travel makes you grow.”


Travel has the power to make children fearless as they are confronted with new experiences, people, and cultures at every turn when traveling abroad. Children who travel approach things that are different with a new outlook. Instead of fear, they are able to walk into these situations with confidence.


Travel for children of all ages is a great way to boost their sense of independence. Giving them small, age-appropriate tasks to contribute to the family vacation is also a great way to encourage this. Let them help with the planning, pack their own bags, or hand their passport to the customs agent.

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Traveling as a family creates a sense of teamwork and collaboration. There are always challenges that come up when traveling abroad, but allowing your children to be a part of the solution making processes or having them witness how you address challenges will teach them the importance of collaboration.

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