Travelers Think This Popular Island Has The Best Food In The Caribbean

PUBLISHED: Feb 5, 2019 11:16 AM

For weeks, parts of the United States have been hit with dangerously cold weather. Some areas even experienced temperatures colder than Antartica.

While TN reported on how airlines are helping employees and how a random act of kindness went a long way for the homeless community in Chicago, we were dreaming of warm weather, beaches, and flip-flops. The Caribbean sounds pretty nice this time of year. We can’t all just skip out on our priorities and get down there, so the next best thing is to live through others. There is so much to do in the Caribbean, but we were wondering which island has the best food?


It was a tough call, but Jamaica came in first place. Now we know you can grab a beef patty in almost every major U.S city, but nothing compares to come authentic Jamaican grub.

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If you have never had Haitian food, you are seriously missing out. Using different types of spices, some of the most popular Haitian dishes are Poulet Aux Noix, which is chicken and nuts and Griyo, another word for fried pork.

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The pictures posted while boasting about the cuisine from the Bahamas had our mouths watering. Not only is it a travelers paradise for a nice getaway but it is a lover’s dream for good food.


Trinidad and Tobago

There is more than roti in Trinidad and Tobago. The cuisine there made quite an impression on travelers. The island is known for having a heavy influence from other cultures like West African, Arab, Chinese, Creole, European, and Latin American in their food.

Some other honorable mentions that had us ready to leave were Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia. One thing is for sure though, each Caribbean island is special in their own way, and each brings something different to the table.

So who is ready to book a flight?