Traveler Story: 'I've Never Felt More Connected To A Place Like I Did In Ghana'

PUBLISHED: May 22, 2020 10:38 AM

Florida native turned Atlanta resident, Melody Williams, spent two years living in South Korea as an English teacher. In 2017, she returned back to the United States but quickly found that readjusting to life in America was hard and getting back out to travel the world was necessary.

“I did not want to be in America,” Melody told Travel Noire. “Sounds dramatic but at the time, this was my truth. I considered going back to Asia, but ultimately decided against it because I wanted to experience something totally new and different.”

She landed a job teaching English online which gave her the flexibility and income needed to travel again. She was also making YouTube videos which brought additional income, and with that she purchased a one-way ticket to Italy.

Courtesy of Melody Williams

Melody spent the next four months traveling across Europe but the best part was being able to spend time in Ghana.

“Traveling to the continent of Africa was a huge deal for me and before I went, I found out via Ancestry DNA that I am 14% Ghanaian. I spent 2 weeks traveling across the country with one of my best friends learning about the history, culture, & customs of this country that I come from but have no tangible ties to.”

For the majority of the two weeks, she explored the capital city of Accra with her close friend who happened to live there at the time. They would go to Osu for the amazing food and nightlife. She was even able to catch the Chale Wote festival in Jamestown.

Courtesy of Melody Williams

“Chale Wote is hands down the best festival I’ve ever been to,” she said. “The food, the music, the culture, the people – it was unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

In those two weeks, Melody also ventured to Elmina, Cape Coast, and Cape Three Points. While in Elmina and Cape Coast, she chose to visit the slave castles to personally see what it was like for the ancestors.

“It was an incredibly emotional and heavy experience. There were moments of joy though. While in Cape Coast we had some extra time, and on a whim signed up for a head wrapping workshop through Global Mamas (IG: @global_mamas). It was so much fun. Our teachers were so kind and patient with us. I’m grateful to have both memories to hold onto from the visit.”

Courtesy of Melody Williams

Melody says she’s never felt more connected to a place or people like in Ghana. In those two weeks she felt welcomed, at home, and accepted. So much so, she vowed to one day take her family so they too could experience the magic that she did.

To catch more from Melody or to relive her travel experiences, you can find her on YouTube: and on Instagram: @melody.alisa.