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Traveler Story: Exploring The Best Of Ancient Peru

By Travel Noire


Aspiring veterinarian Gabby White shares how her passion for adventure led her to Peru.

Travel Noire: Why did you decide to go Peru?

Gabby: I’m African American and I wanted to go to a place where the culture was completely different from my own. I like adventure, so there needed to be opportunities for outdoor activities. It also didn’t hurt that I had a Peruvian friend there with me to show me all the great spots!

Travel Noire: When did you start planning your trip?

Gabby: We planned the trip in August and traveled to Peru in December.


Travel Noire: How much was your plane ticket? 

Gabby: Approximately $750.

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Travel Noire: Where did you stay while you were in Peru? 

Gabby: Up until our last two days in Lima, we lived life on the edge. We traveled from place to place so we slept in buses, and hostels. I must admit that I wasn’t the happiest about some of these hostels but in the end, I left with a sense of appreciation because at least I had somewhere to lay my head down at night.


 Travel Noire: What was the most memorable thing you did?

Gabby: The last few days of my trip were spent in Lima. We went to a local place called La Peña del Carajo. I tried local foods, drinks, saw traditional Peruvian and Afro-Peruvian performances and even won an Afro-Peruvian dance contest! I enjoyed seeing the mix of cultural influences from the natives, Spaniards and African slaves.

Travel Noire: What was the coolest thing you saw?

Gabby: I would have to say both Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. They were both equally breathtaking but in different ways. The views from Machu Picchu were amazing! We were literally standing in the clouds! On the other hand, Rainbow Mountain was a four-hour hike that literally took my breath away. We almost gave up, but we knew we had to make it to see those beautiful mineral deposits splayed on sandstone rock. Turns out, the top of Rainbow Mountain is the same height as the first base came on Mt. Everest.

Travel Noire: What was the highlight of your trip?

Gabby: Wherever I go, I try to leave with something that I can keep forever, therefore I got a tattoo! This is my second tattoo that was done abroad, so I thought, why not make it a theme! I really enjoyed learning about the Nazca lines in the southern region of Peru, so I chose the Nazca Hummingbird for the design.

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