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How I Flew To The Maldives For $50

By Nate Chambers


It’s becoming significantly harder and harder to leave our routined lives and gadgets behind, even while on vacation. However, there are a few places in the world that naturally forces you to get away from it all; one of those places is the Maldives. The Maldives is the epitome of relaxation, indulgence and luxury. “A little slice of heaven,” as I call it, the Maldives is a combination of natural beauty and tropical comfort. White sands, turquoise water, and amazing sunsets will surely make the Maldives one of your best holidays yet.

Being from New York, getting to the Maldives is quite a trek. It can take at least 20+ hours of flying (not that problematic for frequent travelers), and cost you on average $1,500 USD roundtrip per person. Don’t forget that once you arrive you have to pay an additional fare for either a speedboat or a seaplane in order to arrive at your resort, which will break your pockets another $100 – $400 USD per person depending on the mode of transportation and distance from Male International Airport.  Costs will add up quickly, especially if you’re a solo traveler like myself. Lastly, and most importantly, you cannot skip out on booking a luxury water villa. These are known to come with a hefty price tag.


This is where strategic thinking, planning and loyalty programs come in handy. I’ve been an avid user of both my Chase Sapphire Preferred and American Express Gold Premiere cards, using them everywhere for the opportunity to earn points. With these cards combined, I’ve been able to rack up over 100,000 in travel miles in less than a year.

While visiting Dubai earlier this year, I realized my one and only chance of getting to the Maldives sooner than planned and at a lower rate, was to fly from Dubai before heading back home. On average, roundtrip airfare from Dubai to the Maldives can cost anywhere from $350 – $700 USD per person. Still costly, but nothing compared to flying from the States. After airline stalking throughout the early morning hours (I set my alarm for every 15 mins between midnight and 6am), I was able to find a flight for $400 USD. After cashing in a few miles, my grand total to the Maldives was $51.47. Unbelievable!

You don’t have to be “rich” to visit the Maldives. Just travel smart! Below is a my epic journey through a place I like to call paradise.

Maldives Experience

The LUX* Maldives Resort is nothing short of amazing! Located on the island of Dhidhoofinolhu in South Ari Atoll, the LUX* Maldives is more picturesque than any postcard can portray. From tropical gardens and immaculate spreads of white sand to incredible sunsets and unspoiled island living, LUX* Maldives provides a charming experience at every turn and lives up to its motto, “Prepare to be surprised.” Below are my top 10 reasons as to why the LUX* Maldives is a memorable experience!


Luxury Water Villa

Suspended over the water, with direct access to the lagoon , the LUX* water villas makes it easy to fall asleep to the sounds of the Indian Ocean. Sinking into an oversized bathtub with large bay windows and your own private terrace, each villa is just perfect – simple, yet sophisticated.

IMG_0754 IMG_0744 DCIM100GOPRO

The LUX ME Spa

The LUX* ME spa is a tailored-made experience incorporating facials, massages, yoga, and fitness all into one venue. With many options to choose from on the personalized “Me Time” Menu, the LUX* ME spa is the ultimate retreat and water villa experience.

IMG_0865 IMG_0841

The Beach

4KM of white sand beaches! Ideal for snorkeling, whale shark spotting, and most importantly, relaxation. Secret bars, film screening, and pop-up activities are just a few of the things to expect amongst the sunbathers on this pristine beach.


Island Walk

Walk almost the full length of the island, along the white sandy beach to get to a sand bank that resembles your own private little island. The walk is breathtaking!

DCIM100GOPRO IMG_0953-1000x550

The Sunset

With a kaleidoscope of colors glistening off the LUX* infinity pool and water villas, sunsets in the Maldives are not to be missed. Enjoy an evening swim and afternoon tea in complete bliss.



With so much to choose from – Thai, Maldivian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian, each of the seven exquisite restaurants offers a different flair and flavor. All inclusive options are available as well.


Marine Life

LUX* is located along the southern tip of South Ari and is a prime hotspot for whale shark spotting. This is adrenaline pumping at its finest.


Explore The Local Community

Detach from beach life for a moment and engage with the local community.


The FlyBoard

LUX* provides more than just relaxation. Make the most of your holiday by participating in a wide range of water activities. My favorite, the FlyBoard!


Relax and Unwind

Rebalance your mindset and reconnect with yourself. This is the single most important step of your holiday. LUX* Maldives never fails to delight.


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