How to Make a Travel Vision Board
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

How to Make a Travel Vision Board

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shightower May 23, 2015

Vision boards—no matter what the theme—have been hailed for their roles in helping usher greater success in romance, health or careers. Maybe you’ve long envisioned yourself on the beaches of St. Lucia or in a tavern listening to local jazz in South Africa.

Whatever the trip, whatever the activity—get started on your travel vision board now.

Step 1: Be Limitless

This is necessary in order to be free to create a huge, limitless dream. Don’t think about money or work schedules. Simply focus on all the details of an unforgettable trip. Consider the country, island, or city you want to visit, detail the board with the types of things you’d like to include on your itinerary when you arrive. Consider everything from your flight outfit to the delicious meals you’ll enjoy when you get to your destination. Specificity is key.

Step 2: Collect Images

Collect the images of places you’d like to visit and of the things you will do. Use magazines, websites or newspapers. Remember that you can also create a digital vision board by cutting and pasting images onto a phone or onto your laptop or tablet. If you decide to make your board the old-fashioned way, you will need poster boards, glue, scissors, and markers.

Step 3: Let’s work!

Lay out a basic design before gluing. Be sure to put a bold image at the center of the board to act as the focal point. You can create a collage or you can neatly space out the images. Add glitter, ribbon, quotes, or old photos. Whether you host a travel vision board party or go at it alone, having fun with your travel board will set the foundation for your vibrant travel vision. Once your board is complete, update it as needed. And by all means, create more.

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