Does Travel Tuesday Actually Save You Money? Here's What The Experts Say
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Does Travel Tuesday Actually Save You Money? Here's What The Experts Say

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 2, 2019

With the holiday season in full swing, companies are doing what they can to throw as many sales our way in hopes that we purchase. Just two short years ago a new day of saving entered the competition, Travel Tuesday.

This is a day, usually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, that was created in hopes that travel enthusiasts around the world will lock down trips for their upcoming travel list.

But, is the day actually saving us money?

“The key to sales is that people think they’re getting something,” Robert Schindler, a professor of marketing at the Rutgers School of Business Camden, told Vox. “And so it’s in the interest of the seller to reinforce that idea that this is a gift to customers.”

According to data collected by popular travel website Skyscanner, Travel Tuesday is not a savings slam dunk. Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday tend to offer cheaper flight prices than Black Friday, and for domestic flights, booking on Travel Tuesday was 2.4% more expensive than Cyber Monday, but saved 11% compared to Black Friday.

Additionally, it was found that with international travel, Travel Tuesday when compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, was actually the most expensive time to book a flight by a factor of 9.3%. Cyber Monday was once again the cheapest, followed by Black Friday.

If you are hoping to snag a few deals on Travel Tuesday, it is suggested that you already have an idea of where you want to go and how much you want to spend, and to focus solely on finding deals for that. If you are just looking for cheap deals in general, this won’t necessarily be the day to do it. While flights tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays, there won’t be any additional savings coming on Travel Tuesday.

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