I Managed To Travel The World With Only $2 In My Bank Account
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

I Managed To Travel The World With Only $2 In My Bank Account

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 14, 2019

For the last three years, NikkiFaye has been traveling the world full-time. The Georgia native spent most of her life in California before making the move abroad.

She considers the world her home and typically spends around 3 months in each location before heading off to the next place. Currently, she’s spending the next few months in Turkey while using Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa as her home base.

Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

We spoke with NikkiFaye to learn more about her life abroad and the time she was left in Africa with only $2 in her bank account.

Travel Noire: What initally inspired you to start this journey?

NikkiFaye: I started traveling because I was just completely over giving away all of my “pretty” years, as I call it, to corporate America. That’s the time in our lives where we’re young and adventurous without any major obligations to consider.  

Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

TN: Tell us how you transitioned from corporate America to a digital lifestyle.

NikkiFaye: I originally took time off when I lost my mother to Eat Pray Love in Colombia for 6 months.  When it was time to go back home, I didn’t want to leave the lifestyle I had grown to love.  While on the plane returning back to Los Angeles, I decided I would make this my full-time lifestyle.  Over the next six months, I saved as much money as I could.

I also sold everything I owned to bulk up my savings even more. Once I walked away from my job, I worked two remote jobs to keep money coming in while I started investing my money in property in Colombia.  I secured a few properties, furnished them, and started to Airbnb them out. I realized there were so many tourists coming from the States, and from all of the connections I had made, I started a concierge business to keep tourists safe and focused on fun without worrying about the details of travel planning.

Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

TN: Tell us about being stuck abroad with only $2 in your account.

NikkiFaye: One day I was trying to grab an Uber in Africa, but my card was declined. I looked at my bank account and saw there was only $2 in my account. Well, I had to get really resourceful really fast because there wasn’t one person I could call to ask for money. I started researching and through this, I formulated a strategy of exactly how I could travel with very little to no money.  I did it myself, traveling to 7 African countries and three European countries with very little money.

Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

TN: How exactly did you do it?

NikkiFaye: I researched my way out of it.  There are so many ways to travel with no money at all.  There is couch surfing or house/pet sitting where you can stay with someone completely free of charge. They typically even provide all of your meals, so that’s taken care of.  There are sites you can use to catch a ride with folks driving long distances, and there are also work away programs you can work for free room and board. There are many other countless resources that can help you travel free of charge and help you make money while you travel. I share these and more in my free ebook, “How I Traveled The World With $2 in my Bank Account.” It’s available for download on my website.

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Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

TN: How do you make your income now while traveling?

NikkiFaye: I’m a travel blogger, but I’m still quite a hustler so I freelance and have a few entrepreneurial endeavors. I also make money through consulting where people pay me to help them start their part-time or full-time travel lifestyle.  I sell some ebooks and have an e-course for anyone interested in learning the art of traveling without breaking the bank.

Photo courtesy of NikkiFaye

TN: What tips do you have for those looking to live a similar lifestyle?

NikkiFaye: My top 3 tips are: Save as much as you can. Start taking on freelance and remote work now, in addition to your day job to give you the confidence that you can do it after leaving your job. Plan, plan, plan with travel destination strategies that will keep as much money as possible in your pocket while you pursue your remote work or entrepreneurial ideas you’re passionate about.

TN: Where can we find you online?

NikkiFaye: You can find me at:NikkiFayeThewanderer.com or IG: NikkiFayeTheWanderer.

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