3 Travel Stocks You Should Invest Your Coins In This July
Photo Credit: nappy.co

Photo Credit: nappy.co

3 Travel Stocks You Should Invest Your Coins In This July

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 8, 2020

The travel industry certainly has had its share of hardships during the first half of this year and is slowly working on getting back to normal.  One of the good things about this time is that travel stocks are low, so if you buy in now, you’ll reap the benefits when the industry bounces back.

According to NASDAQ, travel stocks could soar once an effective COVID-19 vaccine or cure is available.

If you’re looking to invest in travel stocks this month, here are three of NASDAQ’s top travel stock picks for the month of July.

Expedia (EXPE)

Since Expedia is an online travel agency, a lot of the company’s costs are related to marketing. As we’ve seen during the pandemic, online businesses have been able to weather the storm, even when travel has slowed down significantly. 

NASDAQ reveals that Expedia raised almost $4 billion in capital during the month of April which is helping the company get through the pandemic. 

Expedia’s stock is currently 50% below it’s highest rate and is expected to bounce back over the next few years. 

Disney (DIS)

The COVID-19 pandemic has really hit Disney hard financially since many of its visitors traveled from far and wide to see the enchanted theme park. 

Disney’s streaming service Disney+ is helping the company to recover from its major losses, with over 54.6 million subscribers since it’s November 2019 launch. The company will also be raising subscription prices from ESPN+ in August from $4.99 to $5.99. 

Disney World will be reopening with limited capacity on July 11th despite rising COVID-19 cases. California’s Disneyland, however, has indefinitely put it’s July 17th reopen date on hold. 

Once the parks reopen, things will start looking up again for the Disney stock. 

Royal Caribbean (RCL)

The popular cruise line will resume cruising on September 16th but isn’t expected to be back in full swing until a vaccine for COVID-19 is available. 

Royal Caribbean is the cruise line most likely to recover quickly because of its capital raises granting “about 20 months of liquidity in case of a prolonged ‘no-cruise’ scenario, the longest buffer in the industry,” says NASDAQ. 

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