Travel Over Everything: Are You Going Into Debt Just To See The World?
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Travel Over Everything: Are You Going Into Debt Just To See The World?

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 22, 2019

It seems that more and more people are ditching the idea of accumulating things and using their money to buy experiences. Every time you get on social media, you are guaranteed to see at least one person on your timeline posting about their latest travel experience.

VRBO, the home sharing website, recently conducted a survey to test this notion. The survey was conducted among 1,067 American travelers, including millennials, to find out people’s reasons for traveling.

The results aren’t surprising. It found that millennials are willing to travel to their dream destinations, no matter what the price tag may be. In other words, travel over everything.

“Forget what you thought about millennials traveling on a shoestring,” said Karen Fuller, senior director of global market research at Vrbo. “Our results revealed that they are actually the most likely to go into debt for travel, which is consistent with the notion that millennials like to accumulate experiences, not things.”

Other age groups weren’t as willing to go into debt just to experience the world. Only 27 percent of Generation Xers and 15 percent Baby Boomers admitted that they would acquire debt just to travel.

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What Fuller concluded from the results of the study was that millennials are more into having experiences than spending money on material things. This goes hand in hand with the finding that 45 percent of the millennial population will explore the world in 2019.

While there are ways to travel for cheap and plenty of flight deals to get to your favorite places, experiencing the world can still add up. The assumption can be made that many millennials now work to travel. Sure, we work to pay our bills too, but many are stacking up their coins in hopes of seeing and experiencing the hottest international destinations.

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