So many people have had to postpone or cancel their travel plans due to coronavirus but that doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming or planning those vacations to places on our travel bucket list.

That’s why we created this list of 20 travel-inspired things to do while your home:

1.  First things first, make a list of all those places that you would like to go next

2. Visit your favorite U.S. National Parks on Google Earth

3. Pick a trip that you can book a year in advance

4. Bookmark those Airbnbs for the future

5. Watch walking tours of places you haven’t been, or want to revisit

6. Explore the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites through pictures and videos online

7. Start a list filled with Black-owned restaurants and coffee shops you want to explore

8. Follow Black travel bloggers on social media for some inspiration

9. Download the Travel Noire App to stay up to date with the latest travel news and flight deals.

10. Shop for new photography gear and lenses to take pictures like the pros during your travels.

11. Research Black-owned bookstores and art galleries to explore

12. Learn a new language through free apps like Duolingo

13. Escape the couch and explore beach views thanks to these hotels’ live streams

14. Speaking of virtual, have you checked out these museum exhibits online?

15.  Take your travel inspiration to the kitchen by downloading an international cookbook

16.  Crack open that bottle of wine you brought home from your travels               

17.  Order some of those addicting Biscoff cookiesan airplane staple—and eat them next to your window at home.

18. Order wine from around the world to sip on

19. Watch our favorite travel movies right now

20. Check out these travel podcasts from Black expats