Here's How Travel Influencers Are Being Affected By The Coronavirus
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Here's How Travel Influencers Are Being Affected By The Coronavirus

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 18, 2020

As more and more people are working from home due to the coronavirus, we’re realizing how big of an impact this is having on the economy. 

Events, trips, and flights are being canceled and freelancers are certainly getting the short end of the stick. Travel influencers are amongst the group of freelancers losing money because of the coronavirus. 

Travel influencers usually make a living off of press trips, promoting hotels, airlines, travel brands and destinations. However, since travel restrictions are in place, many trips are canceled and audience engagement is declining. 

Travel influencer Sarah Gallo tells The New York Times, “Vlog numbers are down, social media numbers are down on travel, affiliate income is down because hotels aren’t being booked, people aren’t buying travel gear.”

Gallo goes on to share, “There’s a chance some conferences I’m scheduled to speak at might be canceled. I’m losing speaking gig payment, tourism board payments, hotel payments. We don’t know when things will bounce back.”

Some influencers are choosing to halt posting until the pandemic dies down. 

“I wouldn’t want someone to feel like I’m pressuring them to keep traveling,” says Sarah Dandashy to The New York Times

Others are posting about what they’re going through. 

“In the next few days, I’ll definitely be talking about how my experience has been. I stocked up on wipes, and I plan on disinfecting my seats. I honestly plan on just being extra-cautious and hopefully taking lots of breaks to wash my hands,” says NYC-based travel influencer Selena Taylor. 

Others, like Gallo, are completely having to revamp their content calendars. 

“I’d linked up some post from Italy I was going to publish, but now is not the time. I had my content planned for months out, and now I have to rework the entire strategy.”

Influencer marketing agencies are also trying to figure out this confusing time in the industry. 

Jade Broadus, Vice President of Travel Mindset, tells The New York Times, “People are looking to self-isolate and get out of bigger cities. Places that have those outdoor recreational activities may see an incline in tourism whereas cities might have a decline.”

It’s tough to say when the chaos surrounding COVID-19 will end, so travel influencers are taking it one day at a time while trying to revamp their content. 

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