How Travel Helped This Couple Deepen Their Relationship
Photo Credit: Instagram | @ms_unseld

Photo Credit: Instagram | @ms_unseld

How Travel Helped This Couple Deepen Their Relationship

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 29, 2019

LaShonda Unseld is the founder of Passports Matter, a travel organization that makes group travel exciting and affordable. Starting your own business is fulfilling and rewarding, and with dedication, it can lead to exciting opportunities. For Unseld, it was an opportunity to combine romance and travel.

She initially met her now-boyfriend, Joshua, on Instagram. During his trip to Thailand, he tagged her Passport Matters swag on an Instagram post.

Unseld, who was in Bali during that time, said they starting chatting regularly after she thanked him for the feature. The rest is history.

After finally meeting each other in person, the two have been inseparable since. In their few months together, they have ventured off to Mexico, Curaçao, and St Martin, and already have a trip booked for Negril, Jamaica this upcoming New Years.

In an interview with Travel Noire, the couple revealed how traveling has deepened their connection:

Travel Noire: What has been your favorite country so far?

L + J: We love Curaçao!  It’s a Dutch Island but a melting pot of so many ethnicities and cultures.  We are looking to retire there one day.  It’s out of the hurricane loop unlike most islands, a short flight to Miami so very accessible to the states, and the weather is beautiful! 

Instagram | @ms_unseld

TN: What’s the best part of traveling together?

L + J: When you travel together, you get to know a lot about each other fast! You’re in a different country, in pretty close quarters, so it’s interesting. Experiencing the world with someone you love is amazing! It makes you look at life through a different scope and rejuvenates your soul.  It always gives you an idea of how they see the world.  Every couple has hurdles to jump, we would rather jump from country to country!

TN: Tell our readers about one of the most challenging times you experienced during traveling and how you overcame it.

L+J: When we were in Curaçao, I was sick for two days.  It was Josh’s birthday so I felt bad that I was sick.  Of course when you’re sick you’re extremely irritated by everything, you’re grumpy, and definitely don’t feel like doing anything.  He accommodated me so well.  Everything from rubbing my belly to giving me a little space, which I needed, lol!  He hung out at the hotel and let me rest. After a few days, we were back on the scene! 

Curaçao Instagram | @ms_unseld

TN: What countries are next for you two?

L+J: As I mentioned earlier, Jamaica in December to close out 2019.  St Lucia, Tokyo, and Barbados are on the books for 2020.  We also have a wedding to attend in Mexico so we will be going back there.  I’m sure we will also snag an unplanned glitch fare somewhere we’ve never been as well, lol!

TN: What advice do you have for traveling couples?

L+J: Take good pictures of each other; not just for IG but for great memories.  Set a budget, no one wants to come back from vacation broke. Choose destinations together; you all both should be excited about wherever you’re traveling to and lastly make love all around the world – in different countries, in different time zones, embracing those different passport stamps! 

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