Some of our favorite professional travelers share the one item they always pack in their carry-on bag before heading to a new destination.

Abena: Even though I travel with nothing larger than a tote that can fit underneath an airline seat, I NEVER leave home without a light-weight travel tripod. I’m a solo traveler and I love capturing beautiful images of the places I visit with my iPhone. Without a tripod, my pictures would depend on the kindness and/or photography skills of a stranger. No thanks.


Brian: I absolutely always carry my Bose portable sound system! There’s nothing like having some familiar tunes to fill the air as I get ready in my room or just when I’m simply hanging out. It beats playing music from my cell phone speaker!

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Tosin: My journal is something I always either have in my carry-on or in my backpack. As much as I love traveling and flying, I know these moments are fleeting. When I journal, it makes me feel like I can return right back to those moments and feelings. It makes me feel like I never actually left.

James: The airport can lose everything, so I keep a tight hold of my camera bag. My CANON 6D and Mark 3 comes with me everywhere I go along with my DJI Mavic pro for the drone footage.