You Should Travel To These 6 Destinations Now Before Everyone Else Does
Photo Credit: @hellomikee via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @hellomikee via Twenty20

You Should Travel To These 6 Destinations Now Before Everyone Else Does

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 11, 2019

Travel is becoming more popular amongst millennials, resulting in an influx of tourism in locations like Bali, Madrid, and Cape Town.

There are, however, destinations that are still under-the-radar and perfect for travelers wanting to travel to places unknown. 

Travel expert and writer Patricia Schultz spoke with Insider on how social media has aided in bringing awareness to destinations unknown: “So much of the world is becoming more accessible. Places that wouldn’t have been on our wish list now are.” 

Schultz has been a travel writer for over 30 years and has predicted 6 destinations that will become the next hot spot locations for travelers in 2020.


Not only is Albania affordable, “it has a beautiful coastline, and there’s a lot of young tourism going on there”, shares Schultz. She also says, “It’s similar to Georgia, which is better known, and has the same wine history and good food.”


According to Schultz, Greenland predicted to become more popular as the country becomes easier to travel to. “It’s very similar to Iceland, it’s very northern but less developed.” 

Greenland is naturally beautiful, which is why it is bound to become a hot spot. 


A great inexpensive location to visit before it becomes a hot spot is Bolivia. Schultz speaks on this country saying, “Bolivia doesn’t get much attention, and it’s relatively inexpensive. The altitude I think scares people a little bit, and they think they can’t hand it and perceive it as dangerous, but the people are very welcoming, and tourism has increased.”


This eastern European is pretty much unknown to most people but “It’s very reasonable in terms of lodging and food, and has wonderful food,” according to Schultz. 

“It’s very farm-to-table, but in a way that’s not pretentious, it’s just the way they’ve always existed. I love that whole area. It’s physically very beautiful, with the mountains, and you still see a lot of the traditional ways, like costumes around the holidays,” she goes on to say. 


Traveling to the African continent has become increasingly popular over the last few years and Zimbabwe is set to be the next hot spot. When touching on the beauty of Zimbabwe, Schultz says, “The local people are wonderful, the Big Five — the wildlife viewing — has always been spectacular, there are beautiful lodges, and some of the finest guides.”


Another predicted hot spot on the African continent is Uganda. 

“Uganda is where I visited the gorillas, and oh my God, it stopped me in my tracks,” recalls Schultz. Although you can see gorillas in Rwanda, the prices have increased there because of a recent influx in tourism. Schultz compares the two, saying, “But it’s [Rwanda] the same gorillas as in Uganda, which is right across the border. There [Uganda] it’s $600 per person, versus $1,500 fora one-hour visit [Rwanda], which is still mighty expensive, because first you have to get there, and then you want to see the rest of the country, which is absolutely expensive. But in the big picture, it’s the less expensive of the two.”


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