It’s officially gift giving season, and what better gift to give yourself than the gift of travel? For some frequent travelers, Travel Deal Tuesday (Nov. 27) has replaced Black Friday for finding deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. But don’t count Black Friday and Cyber Monday out. Plenty of airlines and booking agents have deals on those days, too.


Check out our complete travel deal survival guide below…to get you from Black Friday through Travel Deal Tuesday with the best possible trips planned for 2019.


What Each Major Airline Is Offering This Black Friday
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Many major airlines will be posting flight deals leading up to Black Friday. Many carriers have hinted that they will certainly follow up from last year. The deals should start popping up as early as Monday, while many of the better deals should come on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Learn more HERE.


Cyber Monday Deals On Hotels, Excursions, & Full Vacations
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Cyber Monday isn’t just limited to clothes, appliances, and toys. It also applies to these travel deals that can save you some money while planning your next getaway. Check them out HERE.


What You Can Expect This Travel Deal Tuesday
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Travel Deal Tuesday, which falls on Nov. 27, will be one of the best days to save on airfare.  According to Hopper, consumers can expect to see more deals on travel than any other day in the post-Thanksgiving sale period. Everything you need to know HERE.